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Navigating Black History Month

Happy New Year to all you book lovers out there! As we move in the space between Martin Luther King day and Black History Month, I would love to point you to some real gems available.

I have been on a personal quest to find books for my girls in Black History Month that introduce them to African American PEOPLE not just a cause. I think when kids connect with people, the "people's" cause matters a whole lot more! Also would like to plug the work of fiction I mentioned in a past blog titled The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson.

Because I found SSSOOOO many good picks I am offering you a list of titles and authors. Enjoy! Pls let me know what you think of these titles. I will continue my quest for these wonderful works!

The first set ( late elementary to early middle school) are books that took Civil Rights Heroes a bit more out of the cause and made them more human beings to me:

My Brother Martin: a sister remembers growing up with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

by Christine King Farris

Coretta Scott King

by Kathleen Krull

Through My Eyes: the autobiography of Ruby Bridges

Edited by Margo Lundell

Schomburg The Man Who Built a Library

By Carole Boston Weatherford

This next set (later middle school through anyone who will read or listen) are by an AMAZING author named Tonya Bolden. If you know her work you are nodding your head in full agreement right now. Even better she offers must reads for adults too!

Facing Frederick: The Life of Frederick Douglass A Monumental American

Tonya Bolden

George Washington Carver

Tonya Bolden

Must Read for Adults: We are Not Yet Equal

Tonya Bolden

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