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For the Love of Story

Educating folks on what is available is my true passion; especially in regards to picture books. Do you remember suddenly being pushed from the nest of beautifully illustrated pages to pages of words?Right? Why the heck?! I STILL appreciate beauty & story communicated visually. Oh, yeah... for the record... I am almost half a century old. Some of my favorite stories have the least words: The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, or Deep in the Forest by Brinton Turkle. Not to mention the many Caldecott winners and Caldecott honor wordless picture books. (BTW, Pinterest has done a great job in placing many of these titles in one place for your reference pleasure.) How can a book that contains no words win an award ?

Story. What drives a book to an award winner isn't the words. Words don’t drive story; story drives words. Newberry Award winners in Children’s Literature have often left me in a state of needing space and time to process the depth of the story and characters. The words are merely tools at this point, not “central.” Words can definitely inspire story; shape story; embellish story. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for words and the power they can wield. The human spirit, however, has never been confined to mere words. How many times in your life have you been in a place where words could not express…

Story is inspired; alive; the life of a book needing the tools of voice, visual expression, or both to share with others; with the world. As a published author/illustrator I was once asked in an interview, “What is more important in a book the words or the illustrations?” I sat for a moment thinking what a great question that was to pose to such as myself. My answer was exactly what I am communicating here, much better today I might add. The life of a book is the story; whether words or illustrations. A book of illustrations driven by story is has as much impact as any book of words that has changed the paradigm thinking of another. Illustrators are masters of seeing the story beyond the words, beyond the obvious.

My passion is to share story. The world your country, your region, your town, your home, your life is oozing with story. Authors and Illustrators are storytellers giving life to a parallel universe that is around every one of us every day. We have grown beyond the fear of story stirring in ourselves to allowing it to flow through us and become a force in this consciousness. All that said I will be posting here a stream of books that I hope will be fun, inspiring, thought provoking and visually stimulating. And yes, I am speaking about Children’s Literature.

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