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Storage containers for art and craft

Help!    My Kid Wants to be an Artist!

Kingdom Homeschool Moms
Looking for wisdom, clarity, and forward momentum with your creative achievers?
Through on-line workshops, classes, and coaching, 

Latty Design House is here to serve.

Realigning Art & Faith

As a homeschool Mom of two creative achievers, I have found there are many great technique and art history resources available. Yet what I have found lacking is curriculum that teaches creativity from the perspective of The Creator. There are amazing books and writings from Kingdom minded creatives and scholars. Unless we are earnestly searching these out we aren't being exposed to them. As I have wrestled with this conundrum I have come to the understanding that our assignment as creatives, especially as parents of creatives, is to know God as Creator ourselves and be able to communicate His thoughts and His ways regarding our being wired for creativity. These resources are lacking also... unless you are a Kingdom minded creative person yourself who has been on a similar pilgrimage as mine.

Through on-line Workshops, Classes, and Coaching I am motivated to share my story, experiences, wisdom, understanding and resources God has offered me. My desire is to help parents of creative achievers build a foundation of wisdom and clarity which will create level paths for you and your aspiring creative. It is a journey that you can walk together with your child regardless of your personal creative achievements.

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