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 "To know what you prefer rather than letting the world tell you what you prefer is to have kept your soul alive."
Robert Lewis Stevenson


"I love color, creating and laughing. I love story, children and heart. Illustration heroes from childhood are Norman Rockwell, Walt Disney and Dr. Suess. Some new heroes of mine include the likes of Patricia Polacco, David Catrow, Linda Sue Park...the list is open and growing every day."


My first 2 books, Colors in the Garden the Creator Made and Colors in the Garden, were released in November 2013. The Bear was released 2014 about a hungry black bear searching for food ...from the bear's perspective. These are available at under the imprint "Speckled Egg Press."

My life has always been filled with creativity in one form or another. My Mom's love of beauty in nature taught me to be alert and observe. My Dad's craftsmanship with anything he chose to put his skills to, his attention to detail and following instruction, instilled a deep sense of excellence. Both of my parents being readers nurtured a love of books and learning. I knew early on in life that I wanted to illustrate children's books and later in life, writing chose me. I was a student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia when I made a commitment to my faith and began a resolute spiritual journey. Over the past 30+ years of life I have been on a mission to seek out God's perspective and purpose of creativity. 




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